The power of the audio book voice over artist

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Did you ever think about the power of the audio book/voice over artist? Well, my mom did. Funny thing, my mother gets excited about the job I have here because she loves audio books. I sometimes name-drop and show her the search feature on Voice123 to let her know I am in a real job. I play her demos, and point out who I know, too. It reassures her, and for that, I thank the voice over talent of Voice123 because ‘I know you’. 🙂

This weekend, after installing a Bose sound system, so my mom could hear her beloved audio books, I saw the power of the voice over in her eyes. For many years, she was ‘techno-phobic’. She insisted on listening to books-on-tape in the car, the home, and when she traveled. She changed over to a CD player several years ago, but she kept the same terrible speakers. Last week, she called me and asked me to install her new sound system. Needless to say, I set the system up, and the first thing she popped in was an audio book. I was sitting on the couch, just catching my breath from climbing around with wires. The second the voice over began talking, she whipped around and her eyes lit up. The first words she spoke were, “You can hear EVERYTHING in his voice…the sounds in the front, and the sounds in the back, and it is all at the same time!” It is her way of explaining it. She and I sat there and listened for a while, and got lost in the performance. I wish I could tell you who it was, but all she kept exclaiming was, “This one is my favorite.” I will find out, and bring it up again at a future date. Please check back because this is a small industry, and we all probably know the voice talent.

At dinner, I asked the questioned, “Mom…What would be your favorite Christmas gift…Kindle or audio book?”. She replied, “A collection of audio books!!! I love the performances. I could drive and listen…clean the kitchen and listen…No things in my ears…”. The list went on, and I got the point. In her eyes, the audio book/voice over performance excites her enough to keep purchasing audio book collections. This is the power of the audio book voice over artist…a human voice creating demand through performance.

Is the audio book your favorite type of voice over, too?

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