The scariest things in the voice over biz

Posted on October 31, 2011 by


This is a Halloween-themed post, addressing the scariest thing(s) about the voice over business, and how anxiety is created simply by “not knowing” the following:

Who can I trust or listen to for sound advice?
If I give up, and am I doing this too soon or without a fight?
If I do not book work, does it mean I am less talented?
With so many people in voice overs, do I stand a chance?
Where will my next paycheck come from?
How do I know if I am getting better?
What are they saying about me, that I do not know?
What in the world does “finalist” mean? (I had to throw that in there)

A video from our Facebook page may explain this a bit better. Thank you to Steve Beckham!  CAUTION: May not be work safe!

Business advice for voice talent:

Trust yourself and what works. Advice is a reward and a curse.
Only listen when you feel rewarded for learning something new.
Only you determine when you have given up.
“Talent-shmalent”. Your audience is out there! Don’t seek admiration from the less appreciative.
You stand a chance the longer you stay committed with a positive attitude.
Your next paycheck should come from your job, until your full-time job is voice overs. This is something I learned from Peter Fernandez (voice of Speed Racer) in 1996.
If you are trying your best, you are getting better.
Who cares what they say about you.
Only listen to critics when they no longer can be ignored.
When you are hired, that is when you know your work and communication skills paid off.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and questions in comments!