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One thing at a time! This week, Microphone Mythology…

Yeah, while a Logitech, off the shelf, computer mic might sound better than your old cassette recorder mic, it won’t hack it in this ever increasingly competitive market. The good news is a good mic that is more than adequate is under $300!

You need a studio condenser mic. Choices abound, but remember, the recommendation of one brand or model over another is not as critical as some audiophiles would lead you to believe. You live or die by the quality of your performance, which can be captured accurately by any $250+ mic. The more critical factor is the acoustics in your studio. In fact, 90% of the quality of audio in a HOME voice over studio is the acoustics of your space.  A $1000 Neumann TLM 103 will sound like a cassette recorder mic if your room acoustics are not proper and you don’t understand proper mic technique. Those are topics we’ll tackle here in future articles. Cheaper mics are cheaper because they can’t capture the dynamic range of your voice as accurately and are not as sensitive as more expensive mics. But you don’t want TOO sensitive.

Remember, we’re talking HOME studio. A $1000+ mic will hear you… and some kid skateboarding down the block, the Mr. Softee truck a mile away, and that fly that got into your studio. So, which one does the Home Studio Master Recommend? Just remember what I said about price and you’ll be OK. The sound of you in your space will be unique. Your microphone plays only a part in that. If you use anything in the price range I mentioned, and use it right, the only thing that will determine your competitiveness is how you interpret the copy.

Next week: Acoustic Basics

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