Letter to Facebook from the voice over community

Posted on October 14, 2011 by


Dear Facebook,

I realize that I am a community manager for Voice123, but I feel like something happened between us. Have you grown out of our relationship? I never had a problem with the endless stories you used to display. I liked listening to you. I always understood what you were saying, but now everything appears on some scrolling message list of likes. Oh, and about lists…how many lists do you have me on?

To draw a comparison, if I wanted onion rings, I sure wouldn’t go to a McDonald’s and ask them to put it on the menu. You are what you are, and what you are not is Google+. They have their own social issues. This guy Steve works for them, and he likes you more. I hope you do not assume that because people say they hate being friended by people they knew when they were 9-yrs old, that it somehow means people want to be less social. I think people complain sometimes about having too many friends, and privacy, to express how important you make them feel. Facebook…it does not mean they want to change. I am at a loss here, so I gathered some voice over friends to remind you of your principles. I hope you will listen to this, and think about changing back. I know it takes work, but we will all be here for you. I do believe change is good, but only change that leads to growth.

Debbie Irwin, Jim Curtis, Julie Amato, J Michael Collins, Jan Eliot, Vonna Bowen, Doug Barron, and Tara Tyler are all now hiding out on my Facebook page for voice talent, until we figure out how to handle what you did. I barely heard anyone ever say anything bad about Facebook in the past. If that makes me part of the minority, I guess I do not know you as well as I think I do. Where has the love gone? How will we collaborate with the voice over community again, and keep you in our lives? What will I do with my farm?!

My voice over friends and I need to be poked right about now.

How have you been feeling about Facebook changes lately?

With love from a disoriented author

Steven Lowell Steven is the Community Manager of Voice123