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One month ago, voice talent Debbie Irwin sat down with me in New York City and showed me one of her latest works, the voice of Louise Mendelsohn, in a documentary called “Incessant Visions”.

This caught my attention right away because of the subject matter: art, history, and more specifically The Second World War and architecture. This captivating story is about the early 20th Century German Jewish architect, Erich Mendelsohn, whose brilliant mind was trapped in the war, and is told through the letters he wrote to his wife Louise.  What made this so special was the way the director engaged the viewer with a dialogue among the characters involved. Talking to Erich Mendelhson or Louise would have been impossible, but this is what voice talent do best;  they transform words from the page into a vivid reality. She was able to bring Louise back to life through her voice, as did Sean Shaffer from Voice123, who played the voice of Erich Mendelsohn. Simply reading a script would have been a cold approach, but the way she did it transmitted the emotions behind the story. I was drawn to the  film because of it’s historical richness and also because the characters felt alive.

I was curious, and wanted to know more about the project, and I was lucky enough to meet Debbie, in person. Voice overs is definitely an art, and Debbie is a true artist. I felt so connected to her passion and the way she described the process, that I could not do her work any justice with mere words. Given I am a photographer myself, I feel very moved when I can transmit emotions through my images, as Debbie did with her work in the documentary.

Take a look at a clip of this documentary!

I wanted to introduce this movie to you. Whether you like history, architecture, or stories of great minds,  it is a work worth watching. Debbie will let us know more about her experience a week from today. Check back with us! Kudos to her and all the great voice artists out there helping us connect with their stories.

Do you recall feeling connected with a particular voice over performance?

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