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In the first week of October, Voice123 was contacted by a voice seeker with a very specific request, and it required looking deeper into a voice over community both with software, and social media.

You may have seen this voice over job posting.

As you can see…very specific! So, how did the Voice123 staff get involved?

  • David Lecinski, casting advisory manager, spoke with the voice seeker to find out how to best use the software to find the voice talent.
  • Quality Assurance staff was asked to be on a lookout for anyone who might fit the description.
  • Some of the staff, who have been with Voice123 for several years, remembered from customer service emails who may have served in the military.
  • The project details with codes to be invited were posted on social media channels, ThisVoicingLife and Voice123.
  • SmartCast was used, too. It was especially difficult to find a child that could understand the subject matter of the job posting, required for this Veterans Association PSA.  Not many children work as voice talent on Voice123, and those that do usually have parents who have guided them.

You may be wondering how, among so many voice actors, why someone could not just act like they knew how to file DD214 discharge papers. The fact is, the US Government, was the voice seeker’s client, and was ‘keeping it real’. 🙂   Aside, Voice123 is sometimes aware of who does what in their personal lives, and we do not mind helping! In the past, Voice123 talents have told us when they were being deployed to other countries for military purposes. In addition, voice talents had told us when they had left the military to go into voice overs.

And the voice seeker chose Steve Easley and Ryleigh Mill. The voice seeker also wished to extend warm thanks to all who auditioned!

Do you have questions about what we did?  Let us know! 

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