Marketing like a guru or stuntman

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Voice over artists on Voice123 are very creative.

We hear this through the auditions sent in, or see this through the websites they have created. However, not all great ideas turn out to be great marketing efforts, but instead turn into expensive marketing stunts.

Example of a marketing effort that can be tracked:

Blogging about the industry, using link tracking software, such as, to measure what has been clicked on. In fact, you will notice links in this blog currently use such a software.

Shareable content created with a ‘call to action’ link that is tracking CTR (click through rate to the desired location or website).

If you are not sure of what a call to action link is, check out the next sentence:  Hire voice talent at Voice123!

Why is tracking clicks so important?

You find out just how many people you truly are reaching

You see the websites from which they came

You find out if your content inspires action or a sleepy-time

You can compare work received to insights from software tracking sights

You know exactly how much you made on your return of investment

Marketing stunts difficult to track

Viral videos (unless the video has tracking link back to a page on which you can be hired). Videos made with even a brain cell of intention to be viral, never will be.

Swag (t-shirts, items displaying your name) Swag runs the risk of becoming office waste, and given the intention is to market, the swag is usually poor quality items with your name on it.

Interestingly, “stunts” can end up costing more than traditional marketing, as video filming logistics or swag can run up a person’s credit card bill, and there is no way to track if you were directly hired because of it, unless someone thinks to tell you what inspired them to hire you. Given voice talent have to be careful with their budgets, marketing done with the greatest reach at low or no cost, can always be considered the safest business choice.

Are stunts bad for business?

Not at all! They are fun too!  Your creative side comes out, but you should be mindful if your stunt is true to your brand, how much it will cost you financially, and how people will receive it.

As a voice talent, what kind of marketing effort do you find works best for you? Traditional online marketing, or being a stuntman?

Share examples below!