No office space is not a problem for a voice over casting site

Posted on October 4, 2011 by


Voice over casting site pioneers at workHave you ever wondered why Voice123 is capable of staying on top of industry trends in technology, getting work for voice talent at low cost to the talent; all without having to occupy a large office or building?

If you want to know how, it can best be explained here in video filmed by the Wall St. Journal:

General Assembly in New York City, collaboration workplace of Voice123!

Voice123 does its best to stay on top of industry web trends today, by collaborating with other companies, to help the voice over industry for tomorrow!

Did you know that we worked in New York City, both in the office above, and at home?

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Photo by This guy on staff, Leo Lopez, a marketing manager who made me write this, so now I can go to lunch. YUMMY!