Importance of humor in the Era of Judgment

Posted on September 27, 2011 by


For this blog, we wish to share a TED talk by Laura Zalaznick on “The Conscience of Television”. The voice over industry has always been a business of competing with others to hopefully perform the voice over that generates the most favorable opinion. Since 2000, changes in media, culture, and technology, have turned “working” into an Era of Judgment.

Whether we compete to be hired or compete to be liked, ranked, friended, followed, voted for via text, or get the most hits to get hired, it is obvious that all the work we do, even at Voice123, is judged by a community. You will notice from the TED talk, that as this era progresses, media involving a sense of humor seems to be going away. It is hard to imagine a voice over in a cartoon without thinking of laughter, so we know humor is essential to voice overs.

On the days when all mouse clicks seem to work against you, are you keeping your sense of humor? Share some ideas on how you do it!