Maintaining equipment after the purchase

Posted on September 22, 2011 by


We read stories of voice talent saving money to get voice over equipment, and those building studios, but what do you do to maintain the equipment once it is set up?

We posed this question to voice talent on This Voicing Life, a Facebook page for voice over talent, and received some great responses to share with you!

Brad Sussman

  • Gotta dust all the time… check connections regularly, turn the ‘pots’ to work out any dust, and shake/bump off the windscreen to remove any dust/crud. Oh, and clean off the monitor.

Ryan Stephenson

  • What Brad said and I also purchased an air purifier for the room. I keep my mic covered but not with plastic. I use an i-pod pouch that breathes and slides right over the grill of the mic. I also try not to move the mic around a lot….

How do you maintain your voice over studio after setup?

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