Smart auditioning shows people prefer pizza over powerpoint

Posted on September 6, 2011 by


A person can learn a great deal spending just one night behind the scenes at Voice123! So was the case this past Friday before a holiday weekend, when all should have seemed quiet. There were some jobs coming in; the usual weekend potpourri of podcasts, powerpoint presentations, and in-store video jobs. The smart auditioning voice talent on Voice123, who are aware that what they submit for eventually teaches job posters who should use the site again in the future, had been quiet.

Then someone ordered a pizza voice over!

For me, as a voice talent, one of the most exciting things to have happen is to start hearing all the best voice talent on Voice123 auditioning for a great job. The main reason being that whomever posted that job, has just learned that top jobs on Voice123 are rewarded with great auditions. One may think negatively, “Well, that means I do not have a chance!”, or one can look at the voice seeker behavior and realize, “I have been heard for a very good job.”

  • Auditions/Proposals Received: 180
  • Auditions/Proposals Reviewed by the Voice Seeker: 179
  • % of auditions/proposal opened: 99.44%

The next job posted following paid $150, and received 6 auditions.

Which voice seeker do you believe is likely to use Voice123 again?