Lawsuit a Symptom of Industry Sickness

Posted on August 22, 2011 by


Nothing can pull a person out of bed on his birthday more than a TMZ headline, “I’ve been financially raped”, describing a lawsuit with two well-known professional voice talent as defendants, Joe Cipriano & Randy Thomas. Now, there are several ways to instantly judge this:

  • “Serves Ted right. That will teach him there are no “gifts” in this industry.”
  • “Where is Ted’s gratitude? He should remember who helped put food on his plate.”
  • “Those talents were being opportunists. Call it karma!”

…and so goes the predictable nature of tabloids written by those with the journalism skills of an angry drunk describing a car accident at a frat party, because that drives up sales, yet in the bigger picture, “rapes the reputation” of ALL the people involved.

The above displays a symptom of an industry sickness: Chaos for profit. In the bigger picture, it is teaching generations behind us that, “This is the way the industry works: Create chaos to make a buck…spend people…until they can be spent no more, and then stab them in the back.” The ultimate problem is that all voice talent, in the efforts of helping other voice talent and being good to each other, have been taught it is a bad idea to try to help another voice talent. Even though you may find those who believe ‘that is just the way things are in this business’, at what point in history will the entertainment industry eventually learn how much damage this behavior is doing to the entire industry? At what point will individuals assume responsibility with courage for their own mistakes? At what point will the industry learn “chaos” belongs on a screen, behind a mic, or on stage?

Making entertainment professionals look more like a masochistic cult of individuals who will say and do anything to anyone for a paycheck will forever lead society to view this industry as ‘not a real job’. I do not know Joe Cipriano, but I have attended his webinars. I know Randy Thomas from Voice123. Both of them have offered wonderful information to other voice talent. Without judging who did what, I just hope this lawsuit will not teach everyone it is a mistake to help fellow colleagues.

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