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Yes, this is 3 years now that I’ve been using your service at Voice123.  For a time, 1 year, I also used  Through the entire year with them, I had NOT ONE hire.  However, through your service, I have been steadily getting work, steadily getting more work, and even getting hired even from repeat clients!

I also recommend Voice123 over the others: it is much more personable, easier to get in contact with the staff if needed, and I like the set up of knowing how many have auditioned for the job and how many projects the client has listed with you previously.  All helpful information.

I just advised my friend Scott Schramm to join, and I believe he did!  The only drawback I see is the “rating system”.  That is not helpful as if a person really wants to give many projects “a go”, but the voice isn’t exactly the best match, so one doesn’t get hired, it seems odd to me that one would be “penalized” for that.  To me, it limits the freedom of the voice talent.  I’m not certain why it would matter if one tried and didn’t get hired…other than to the voice talent.

Overall, your service is the one I’ll stick with!  Also, thank you for sending regular “tips” and information to your voice talent audience.  Again, it shows that you care about improving the quality of the work we do, and you care about making us more successful.

Rosalie Robinson


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