Making the best of your voice over time at a Starbucks

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It is always a pleasure to see Voice123 talent appear in online articles, so when we caught Mike Pollock’s interview with Gothamist about Starbucks, we wanted to catch up with him for some questions! We noticed from the interview he does some online managing of his voice over career, and wanted to see how.

Voice123 asks:

  1. Do you ever audition on Voice123 from a Starbucks?
  2. If not, what kind of voice over business are you handling?
Mike Pollock:

  1. I don’t usually audition when I’m at Starbucks, waiting to get to my next offline appointment. Starbucks isn’t really conducive to recordings, thanks to its constant musical soundtrack. And I’d feel a bit conspicuous recording a full-on character performance in such a public space. I might get some stares…or glares. Not that it wouldn’t be possible. If Steven Spielberg called (it could happen) to say he needed an audition for his next animated feature RIGHT NOW, I would fire up my smartphone’s mp3 recorder wherever I happened to be, just so I could get him some kind of audio. And I have done just that (not for Spielberg) from the comfort and quiet of my car, when it was handy.
  2. Starbucks is a great place, however, to triage jobs in my Voice123 inbox. I can save some time while I’m out by deleting jobs I’m not right for, before I get home to record. I can also read an assortment of voice over business-related blogs, and keep in touch with clients, agents and mangers by either e-mail or phone.

Thanks to Mike for this quick interview, and look inside a working voice talent’s life!

How do you manage your career online when out and about?