Sarah Addison from Voice123 says…

Posted on July 29, 2011 by


I really am enjoying your Voice123 Premium Service. It is a lot different from the free service, and I can now see why you have a lot of premium subscribers!! It is really cool how Smart Cast links you up with projects that match your profile. Before, on other voice over sites, I was having to spend hours just going through voice castings and seeing if I fit anything, and sometimes getting no results. With Smart Cast, I can just click a few buttons to set up my voice profile, and then Smart Cast sends through projects that they think match my profile. There’s the occasional few which I know that I am not right for, but it definitely beats having to read through postings for hours, as compared to just a few minutes.

I have sent through 3 or 4 auditions using Smart Cast, and am yet to book anything on, however I know that I will in the future. You have plenty of newsletters with really good advice, and a live chat which works really well. Voice123 is a great, pressure free and fun environment for anyone starting, or wishing to continue voice overs. I’m definitely considering becoming a Premium Subscriber past my free trial, and will recommend the service to any of my friends. Thanks for this opportunity!!


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