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Thanks for reaching out.  Currently I am on a 2 month trial with Voice123 (ends 7-23), and am also a Premium member with  I have not as yet booked any work through either. 😦

When I was first deciding on which P2P site to join, I was swayed towards primarily because I read that V123 limited the number of auditions I could do.  Although this is in fact the case, I have come to prefer V123’s system for this very reason.  With, pretty much every job, especially the better paying ones, usually receive over a hundred auditions very quickly.  You’ve got to be quick to get in at a reasonable number just to be reviewed.  My experience with V123 is that the limiting of the number of invitations (often at 50) means that I have a better chance of being heard, and, with the exception of the higher paying jobs, I have more time to get my audition in.  I’ve noticed too that when you allow 100 or more auditions, it still takes quite a while to fill up, if ever.

At your advice, I review the client’s reviewing history, and use this information to help in deciding whether to audition or not.  And I like receiving the message telling me that I have been reviewed. I can’t say I entirely understand the ‘science’ behind your system, but I am convinced it works more in the voice talents favor.

My only ‘complaint’ about your system is the necessity of sending a generic demo along with my custom audition.  I feel that if my generic demo is not in the same genre as the custom audition it might be seen as a limitation and work against me.

That’s all my thoughts for now.  My subscription ends in September, and If I have the money I intend to switch to V123.  I hope you keep my stats so I don’t have to start again.


Bill Stewart

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