Absorption and the importance of vacation

Posted on July 26, 2011 by


Time away from the daily grind can be a good time to absorb the results of your efforts. Back in college as a theatre/voice/acting student, an acting teacher told me about the importance of ‘absorption’. He stated this was a critical business skill for any creative profession. I quote from a teaching done in 1994:

“Absorption is the time in which an actor takes a step back from all the efforts he/she puts forward, and analyzes from a business standpoint, as to whether or not the efforts are working both for the present, and the future of an actor’s career. This analysis will also give time for the mind to discover his/her own creative energy, again. Whether you are succeeding or failing, given the creative industry changes so quickly, an actor must be able to stop and absorb what is happening every 1 – 3 years, because our success and failure teaches us what to do next. If we do not stop and absorb ‘why’, we may go about the insanity of repeating the same processes over and over again, and be ill-prepared for sudden changes.”

Back in 2010, I attended an event for CITRIX event (was interviewed too…skip to 1:44 in this video)  where I was lucky enough to hear Arianna Huffington speak about ‘how wise individuals make unwise choices’. Her speech stated we all need the time to ‘unplug and recharge’ due to fatigue of the mind. The ability to think clearly, affects the choices we all make. Therefore, the ‘tired brain’ may behave irrationally and make decisions, simply because it is the opposite of what has been making us tired, even when we love what we do. By not absorbing what has taken place, making necessary changes to adapt to a career becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

What kind of things do you think people can do when they find they are tired by the day-to-day, in order to absorb and make changes?

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