Voice over tip: Use Our Search Feature to study competition

Posted on May 27, 2011 by


Did you ever have a string of bad luck with auditioning, and in wondering why, assumed “auditioning online is a cattle call”. On Voice123, that is NOT the case. You may just be losing out to the same people, all the time. On average, Voice123 jobs receive 10 auditions per project.

Why? The matching to jobs is so specific, and you can see from the search feature who may match your specific parameters. Find out who you are going up against!

  1. Go to our search feature.
  2. Select your favorite parameters for work you do best.
  3. Listen to the demos.

From there you may even get tips from others on how to adjust your profile. Obviously, by sound alone, you will not be competing against everyone.

Important note: When I used Voice123 in 2006, I used to audition against 400 people. Only after working here, and doing Quality Assurance, that there were only 28 people who had the same profile parameters, and by voice type alone, half of them were my competition. This is my competition! It is ok to check these things. Even auditioning offline involved meeting the same people time and time again, so I knew who got the job when I did not, in some respect.

See for yourself! Who is your competition?

Do you think you can adjust your profile based on this tip?

Photo by Leeooh