Old school smear tactic backfires online

Posted on May 16, 2011 by


Do you remember the times where, if you did not like a company, all you had to do was get a bunch of other people to say they did not like it, whether it be true or not, and that would create problems for them?

It seems no one is above such a tactic. It was discovered this week that Facebook attempted an old school smear tactic, by hiring a PR firm to plant negative stories online about Google. This was not a wise move.  Why did this backfire so badly? You simply cannot and should not lie on the Internet. The Internet has such a high demand for transparency, that the action of a company “deceiving to take down a competitor”, will always be seen as “the practice of a company deceiving”, and in this 2011 economy, most are fed up with being deceived.

Cheers to web karma:

  • Say Everything As If Speaking To Everyone (because you are)
  • If You Must Be A Jerk, Don’t Be An Anonymous One (because that’s cowardly)
What do you think of this? Did Facebook surprise you at all with this move?

Photo by FreeMarket