Audition like an artist and think like a business

Posted on May 4, 2011 by


Recently, a voice talent wrote to me and asked, “I just booked a job, and it just so happens to be the day after we spoke. Did you do something?”. We have seen this happen before. Why does this happen? Based on experience, it is easy to believe in such a tough business, and working with people you never see, that something subversive has taken place, or that it was done to prove a point. No one has time to be that sinister, and if they were, “web karma” would stop them. Here is what really took place was this:

  1. Voice talent was not sure why they were not getting work.
  2. Voice talent spoke to Voice123 staff, or watched this voiceover business training.
  3. Voice talent felt relaxed, and got back behind the mic, thinking like an artist.

This process allowed them to audition like an artist, and think like a business, without mixing the two together at the wrong times. Fact is, you cannot audition and think like an artist, while the mind is distracted with the question, “Am I doing this right?”. In a creative industry, there is no “absolute right”. There is only “what works”. Voice123 plays no role in decision-making for jobs, as it should be this way. We did nothing more than make sure the website worked, the auditions were there, and that Live Chat was here when you needed it. 🙂

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