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Voice123 Interviews the Voice of Duke Nukem: Jon St. John

May 31, 2011 by


Voice actor Jon St.John is the voice of one of the most famous video game icons, Duke Nukem! Jon has been with Voice123 since March 2008. With the upcoming release of the popular video game, Duke Nukem Forever, we tracked down the busy voice actor to get an interview with Voice123 co-founder/Duke Nukem fan, Alex […]

Voice over tip: Use Our Search Feature to study competition

May 27, 2011 by


Did you ever have a string of bad luck with auditioning, and in wondering why, assumed “auditioning online is a cattle call”. On Voice123, that is NOT the case. You may just be losing out to the same people, all the time. On average, Voice123 jobs receive 10 auditions per project. Why? The matching to […]

Negotiating is a short walk from “no” to “yes”

May 25, 2011 by


Do you ever find yourself negotiating a budget via email, and have a moment where you feel someone must be trying to take advantage of you, and you want to react angrily? If so, you may find this interesting. Please watch this video on a possible plan that can be helpful, which examines how the […]

Help us remove Athazagoraphobia from the voice industry

May 18, 2011 by


Athazagoraphobia…say it fast, three times in a row, and you are ready for medical voice over work!What is Athazagoraphobia? The fear of being forgotten or ignored, forgotten, or replaced. How does it relate to Voice123? We recognize that our site is missing the display of important information, that will let voice talent know exactly what […]

Old school smear tactic backfires online

May 16, 2011 by


Do you remember the times where, if you did not like a company, all you had to do was get a bunch of other people to say they did not like it, whether it be true or not, and that would create problems for them? It seems no one is above such a tactic. It […]

Why SAG/AFTRA merger had better not fail this time

May 11, 2011 by


Once again, SAG/AFTRA are eyeing a merger, and this time around, it had better not fail, for the very sake of the careers in SAG and AFTRA. Why? Perhaps, Backstage Espresso may have had the most interesting outtake in this article: “actors only win fights when choreography is involved”. At such a time, where new […]

Audition like an artist and think like a business

May 4, 2011 by


Recently, a voice talent wrote to me and asked, “I just booked a job, and it just so happens to be the day after we spoke. Did you do something?”. We have seen this happen before. Why does this happen? Based on experience, it is easy to believe in such a tough business, and working […]