Persistence and Perseverance by Ralph Hass

Posted on April 27, 2011 by

This past week, we turned to ThisVoicingLife, a Facebook page for all voice talent, and asked voice talent if they had a blog they viewed would help the entire voice over community.  First to respond was Voice123 talent, Ralph Hass:

…Persistence and Perseverance

  1. Successful entrepreneurs know how to pitch to get a ‘yes’ answer. That’s the whole basis of “The Dragon’s Den” – pitching business ideas to get support and financing.
  2. While focused, entrepreneurs also have to be open and flexible to make deals happen.
  3. Tough times aren’t necessarily bad times. Let them spur your creativity.
  4. Stay abreast of trends. Eco-friendly and social media are hot right now.
  5. Successful entrepreneurs are brief.
  6. Great entrepreneurs have a comfort level with their own weaknesses. They understand them and deal with them.
  7. While taking risks, entrepreneurs should still proceed with caution.
  8. Nothing replaces hard work.
  9. But don’t work too hard. Respect your health and relationships.

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If you have a blog, post, or article that you feel will help fellow voice over talent, please keep watch on ThisVoicinglife.. We would love to share your knowledge in the interests of helping the voice talent community!