Learning about social media by visiting Times Square

Posted on April 25, 2011 by


Have you ever had Twitter, Linkedin, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Voice123, etc, all open at the same time during a voiceover work day, while the iPad, android, and/or iPhone, are sitting right next to you, flashing and blinking as well? At one specific time of day, a conversation may kick up that is really helpful, and you find yourself at home watching a light show, listening to several noises as alerts are going off telling you that someone is saying hello.

Before getting concerned that you cannot keep up with the times, or it is all overwhelming, may we recommend a trip to Times Square in New York City? It will prepare you for the following Internet-like exposure:

  • Dealing with information inundation
  • Various forms of foods, attitudes, and businesses from around the world
  • There is always something to do, and always someone talking
  • You can find people with an answer for anything
  • It never closes!

Perhaps the most important thing…

  • Talking to people from all continents!

Just this past week on Facebook, we opened the page for ThisVoicingLife!

In the first week, we were visited by voice talent all over the world, and the busy page jumped from 39 “likes” to over 1,200. Times Square offers great exposure to people internationally, in a face-to-face environment, that may make working globally a bit more comfortable.

Have you ever worked online, and found yourself overwhelmed by the global exposure, or information available? Have you ever visited a city that reminded you of working online?

Photo by Greg Knapp