Is Protecting Tweets a Big Turn off?

Posted on April 14, 2011 by


Part of social media networking involves connecting with people on Twitter, that you may want know in voice overs. But have you ever come across someone who followed you, and you quickly move to follow back in excitement, but the excitement was followed by a strange feeling when that person protected their tweets, and required you to make a request to follow back.

They may have been just protecting their privacy, but why is this such a turn off? With anonymity online slowly becoming a thing of the past, what do you think it is about a situation where “they get to know you, but you don’t get to know them” that creates a negative feeling?

When someone protects their tweets, and follows you, do you go through the process to get them to follow you back?

Tell us what you think about it! Why would you protect your tweets?

Photo by kchbrown