Vote for Voice123 talent to become next Wheel of Fortune voice!

Posted on March 30, 2011 by


Lora Cain from Voice123 is currently auditioning through April 2nd, 2011 to be the next announcer on the long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune. Different from past years, for the first time, a female guest announcer has the mic for a voice job stereotypically held by male voice talent. This week, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about it:

123: What was the first thing that surprised you about the experience?
Lora: They are very sweet and checked on me to see, if I am warm enough, and even gave me my own space heater.

123: What stands out to you about who you were working with?
Lora: I feel as if this show is working with a family. Many of the crew and employees working for the show have been here for years, and the ‘family’ makes it a great environment to work in.

123: How do you feel about possibly being the first full-time, female announcer for this show, which breaks a trend for many shows who rely on male announcers?
Lora:  Great! To simply have this opportunity is wonderful. Although I am auditioning, this is still my job! I have been getting wonderful support, too; on Twitter @LoraCainActs, Facebook, and my own website as well.

123: Sure! I have to ask how Voice123 has been treating you lately? How does it directly/indirectly help you?
Lora: Voice123 has been great for me. I know the phone is not going to ring everyday of the week, and Voice123 brings in a great amount of work for me. I see it as a must for voice talent, and this is why I have been with the site for many years.

123: Tell us, how do we vote for you!
Lora: Here is the link to vote for me! Aside, I was also the winner of the recent “Vanna For a Day” Promo contest. You can read about it here.

Many thanks to Lora Cain for her interview. We hope members of Voice123 will show fellow voice talent support, while Lora trailblazes a new road in voice overs!