How you, the voice seeker, can help improve quality of auditions

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Voice123 has seen you, “the voice seeker” post close to 30,000 voice over jobs since January 2010, and you have heard many auditions in the process. During this process, you expressed often in Voice123 feedback emails, how at times you wished you could reach out and share a note with those auditioning. Voice talent would like to help you have a more successful experience on Voice123. Can you help them…help you…to improve the quality of auditions and proposals by answering these questions?

  • Why do you use the TBD (To Be Defined) budget option?
  • What type of auditions get your positive attention?
  • How important is audio quality for you in the audition?
  • Do you enjoy dry reads or reads with sound effects and music?
  • What is your main reason for not listening to all auditions received?

Please answer in the comment field below or on Voice123’s Facebook page!

We will share your thoughts with the voice talent community, and also use your answers to help improve Voice123 in the future!

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