Anonymity is a thing of the past…good or bad?

Posted on March 16, 2011 by


If you are jumping online to start your voice over career, and still ask, “How will I know who I am REALLY working with?”, just know anonymity is a thing of the past, and now we must ask…Is this good or bad?

With 600 million users on Facebook, and virtually the ability to find out anything about anyone, follow their tweets, or call them via Skype, ‘anonymity’ (being nameless) is on its way out! The online voice over business has changed dramatically in the past four years, but how do you prefer things? Please see this article for more info on the topic! As a voice talent, I recommend such articles because understanding business technology plays an important role in working online. Voice talent also need a form of ‘content strategy’ of their own voice over business online, and that involves looking deeper into opinions from people you never thought would help you; for example, a ‘research director of content management’, and not a self-proclaimed expert.

If you go behind the mic with the ability to trust your own business judgment and the people you will work with, you will be able to trust the artist inside you who can make fair assessments on ‘what gets work’ and ‘what doesn’t’. Everyone working online, doing it for themselves, needs to be an artist and an economist…

Can you do the same working anonymously, or not?

Photo by OperationPaperStorm