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While having the chance to approve thousands of voice over jobs, there is one description requested quite often:  ‘looking for a natural sounding voice’

Recently I had the chance to attend a workshop taught by Humberto Velez, former and original voice of Homer Simpson in Spanish-translated episodes of ‘The Simpsons’. He stated ‘sounding natural’ was a request used by voice producers when they were really not sure on what they were looking for in the voice. “If they were looking for natural, they would not be looking for an actor!”, says Humberto.

Tip: Reading scripts requires the ‘performance of natural’. “Natural” by itself does not work. As you start to read a voice over script, think of that one person in the room you are talking to, and act ‘natural’. This may also fall under the context: “Conversational”

Can you offer more tips on this topic?


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