Reading copy from home requires ‘sense of urgency’

Posted on February 24, 2011 by


One of the most challenging aspects as a voice talent working from home is creating ‘sense of urgency’ when reading copy. Voice talent who were used to commuting to an audition or a studio job never had to think about this because the process of ‘getting there’, ‘waiting’, and yes…‘shmoozing’, always built up the sense of urgency for when it was time to read. Trish Basanyi, aka. ‘Voiceovers by Trish’, shares this video of her recording session for an infomercial.

You will see that her physicality, copy reading, and booth behavior displays a ‘sense of urgency’ towards getting a job done professionally. Yet, if all you had to do was roll out of bed, and stand behind the mic without people directing you, do you think you can create that same sense of urgency?

Knowing that ‘copy reading skill’ is the one thing that has not changed in the past ten years, as a talent working from home, what would you do to build up the necessary ‘sense of urgency’ (as seen in the video) for auditioning and recording work from home?

Photo by gwarcita