How hiding your business name can affect your auditions

Posted on February 17, 2011 by


Voice123 uses an automated casting system, SmartCast, to achieve targeted results for your needs. There is a section that allows you to hide your business name during job posting. This is a good idea, if you wish to not have people contact you outside of the job; for example, those who may have stumbled across the project on Google and decided to solicit; not knowing when it is acceptable to contact someone, which also can make it a good idea for private jobs, too.

However, we have noticed over the last two years that job postings, with names hidden achieve less successful results. Why is this? The view of anonymity is changing, and businesses can now embrace working with like-minded individuals, while letting websites deal with those who solicit. You never know…you may just hire a professional voice talent, simply because you both grew up in the same city or know the same people. How would they know this, if your business was hidden on the job posting?

What do you think? Do you feel comfortable revealing your business name when looking for voice talent? Maybe something happened in the past that tells you, ‘Umm…no. Never.’?

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