On Ted Williams and why I stopped watching television…

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People ask me why I stopped watching television…

In the past month, the voice over world has been turned upside down by one, very talented, homeless man who was discovered ‘voicing’ on the side of a road in Ohio. The story was inspirational to so many and was a media buzz, but almost overnight has turned into a revelation of the sickness in North American media. Think about this really hard: How would you feel, if your father, studied a career but then fell on some hard times. As he was working to get his life back in order, a radio station comes along and plucks your dad from the social structure he is in, films a video that somehow elevates him to a high status, giving him everything he ever wanted; seemingly for free. Just when everyone seems to be his friend, everyone gets bored with your dad and decides to kick him back to the gutter.

Then, they laugh at your father stating, ‘You see…I knew he could not handle it. He does not deserve it.’ Is this really what the entertainment industry has become; a nightly display of passive aggressive hatred, self-loathing, and contests that end like car accidents, which must end with someone always getting hurt? If you answered yes…Why has this industry digressed to such a toxic state? Why is it that we pick on the weak for entertainment? Are we just a nation of bullies, who kick people around for fun? Has the quest for money led so many to believe the only way to live is it destroy someone else? Are adults now teaching future generations this behavior is healthy and acceptable? Maybe I am sensitive, and I cannot just roll a joke off and say, ‘Ah well…that’s funny, but it’s messed up.’, but I still do not find any of it funny. I also know a child cannot process ‘why’ an adult laughs, so they assume ‘behavior that makes the parents happy must be ok’. Lastly, where is the class that this industry used to have? I witnessed this recent classless display of news reporting (skip to 1:30 in the video):

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When former drug addicts with amazing talent become comedic anecdotes, that should be a wake up call for this country and the entertainment business; not the ‘lighter side of the news for the night’. Most importantly, when will we be done laughing at each other in times of need, and start laughing with each other again? I was always taught an artist is supposed to see things how they should be, and say, ‘Why not?’. Is it too much to ask for some ‘class’?

And people ask me why I stopped watching television…What are you hoping will come back into the industry to get you watching again?