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For this blog, we wish to show you just how much activity takes place in Voice123 Customer Service! We think you will find the numbers amazing from last month!

If you are dealing with the front line of customer service you are either talking to Jack Svez, Charlie Peres, Leo Delope, Giselle Geney, and myself. As you will see from numbers below, the size of the team is not important. Caring for the voice over industry is what matters, and so is ‘Voice123 Community’.

Last month, Voice123’s community and our customer service accomplished the following:

(Say this in your best movie trailer voice):

  • 5 staff
  • 22,378 emails received!
  • 576 Live Chats!
  • 1737 hours of work combined!

Whether a voice over profile is registered for free or Premium, through good times and bad, we answer your emails! Contact us anytime! We also do not take commission, so after your $295 tax-deductible Premium subscription, what you earn is yours!

Brand of the day!

It is always great to hear from all of you! You, The Voice123 Community, is what makes this site so special! Sharing this brand from Sid Whatley!

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