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A year ago, we caught wind of a voice over job booked on Voice123 that we had been waiting to write about for over a year! If you have ever booked a voice over job with a non-disclosure agreement that left you dying to tell someone about it, but could not, you may get some insight out of this into the far-reaching chain of business decisions that have to be respected when working with high profile companies!

The Movie That Almost Become An Oscar-Nominee:
“The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer” (released on DVD last week)

Where it all started:
A job posted on by the director of an animation film out of Lima, Peru.

How We First Found Out: Talent Talking To Me
I had received a phone call from one of the voice talent in the film telling me about the job he had completed.

What happened next? The full story…
Having very little to go on, we started doing some research. Fortunately, one day a person came on live chat to tell us more about it!

See below actual transcript between one of our Voice123 staff:

  • “Leo, I have great news for Voice 123. Our company, DOLPHIN -FILMS, based in Lima Peru, made an animation movie called “The Dolphin – Story of a Dreamer”.
  • It started as a very small project until 20th Century Fox set their eyes on it, initially in Latin America. We dubbed all voices in Spanish and Portuguese (Brasil) with our own talents.
  • Later, 20th Century Fox asked us to dub the voices to neutral US English, so that´s when we used Voice123!
  • Our English version of the film; all voices came from Voice123, thanks to your excellent service! Now, 20th Century Fox has bought ALL RIGHTS for North America that will be released in the USA and Canada beginning of next year, initially in BLU-RAY!
  • To put the cherry on top, “The Dolphin” is one of the 20 Animation movies that will be competing for the Oscar Awards for Best Animated Film 2009…ALL voices (but the singer) were contacted and contracts signed thanks to Voice123.
  • This is the trailer!

How It Was Recorded…
Voice123 was used to cast the voices for this job, but of course, there had to be a final recording! Voice123 talent were flown to Lima, Peru where they recorded with the film’s director. This is not unheard of because even though Voice123 is a powerful casting tool, some directors prefer having everyone together, and the streamlined casting process saves money to allow for directors to afford such costs.

Why We Never Said Anything About It
Are we crazy? No, not at all. What happened was that 20th Century Fox became a teeny-tiny bit preoccupied with the release of a film called ‘Avatar.’ The director of the film asked us to keep this under wraps until they were ready to promote it.

Congratulations to the Voice123 talent involved in this production!
We would like to congratulate Robbie Daymond, Melissa LaFore, and Michael Ferrrei; not only for achieving something so wonderful! It is an honor to have you using Voice123!

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If you have a story of your own about a job booking on Voice123, let us know!

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