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This week, I had a chance to listen to Arianna Huffington of the famed Huffington Post at a NYC Symposium in New York City, held by Citrix.

One thing she stated struck a chord, as a guy working from home often:

  • “I don’t like the term ‘Remote Employee’. There needs to be a name for it that displays more pride and strength.”

Voice talent working from home often go by the name, ‘Remote Voice Talent’. Now, we know you are not robots, and you know it, too! Technology is not the problem. If you figured out how to use it, you deserve a better name!

BOOOO! Robots!
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You cannot change how people think (cough* ‘pay2play cough*), but when people understand why they all think the way they do, they can all change together!

Meetup of Community Managers

This week, I had the chance to go to a Community Manager Meetup at the actual Meetup HQ!

You can read about it here!

Building community is essential for all businesses, large and small!
Start a Meetup for voice talent in your area.

Share information that will help you grow your voice over career. It does wonders for the creative energy you need each time you get behind a mic!

Rock your mic!

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