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If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Voice123 forums, or Linkedin, you may have noticed that over the past few months, there were posts appearing promoting voice talent and voice coaches on Voice123. We would like to mention today how to get involved in these efforts, which are all about promoting the voice community of Voice123!

Getting Involved!


Have you done a voice over gig through Voice123, and wish to upload it onto Voice123’s Youtube channel? Please send it to me at with a short description, and your Voice123 profile! If it is on youtube already, let us know about it! We will share it through Facebook and Twitter posts for the world to see!

Featured Talent
Occasionally, Voice123 will post projects looking for specific criteria. We then take the shared inbox, and begin to post it through social media. Here is an example!

Voice123 Meetups!
Voice123 has a Meetup page where you can organize meetups to talk with Voice123 talent in your area! To date, there have been over 100 Voice123 meetups scheduled, and shows how the voice over community on Voice123 has gone global! It is great when Voice123 Coaches get involved, too!

Coming up on October 10th, voice coach Ben Bledsoe is holding a meetup in Los Angeles, CA! We also love attending them in New York City! (hint hint)

Coach Workshops
Voice123 has a Coach Partner Program, where voice coaches can refer students for 30-day trials to Voice123, and much more! We also share news about their upcoming workshops, and events! For example, this workshop coming up in Los Angeles, CA!

Spend a day in a professional Hollywood recording studio with voice coach, Michael D. Cohen and learn about the business of animation:

  • You will work on mic several times throughout the day.
  • Come away with a copy of your work.
  • There will be a lunch and lecture with a Los Angeles voice-over agent.
  • DATE: Saturday, October 16th 10:00am – 6:00 pm
  • FEE: Special rate of $95 for Voice123 members.
  • If you are interested, please read more here or email him at

If you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, please write us to!

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