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Story Of Voice123 Talent Doing Oscar Perfomances

October 29, 2010 by


A year ago, we caught wind of a voice over job booked on Voice123 that we had been waiting to write about for over a year! If you have ever booked a voice over job with a non-disclosure agreement that left you dying to tell someone about it, but could not, you may get some […]

Usage: Working In ‘Multi-Horse’ Towns

October 27, 2010 by


A common ‘first lesson-learned’ in working online is finding out that what you did offline will never transfer into the online environment. It may work if you are only working with those you know, but what happens when other visitors to your voice over website, who do not know you, want in? If you answered, […]

A Voice For Every Need: Voice Overs for Video Games

October 26, 2010 by


The interactive entertainment or video game industry, considered by many to be a simple curiosity in the 1970’s has blossomed into the largest entertainment industry, today, surpassing even blockbuster movies. And you know every successful action film debuts with a video game release along side it. In the business of entertainment, moving from niche markets […]

We Are All Artists by Dr.Felicia Ruff

October 25, 2010 by


I graduated from Wagner College in 1995 with a B.A. in Theatre/Speech. Earlier this month, I had a chance to go to my class reunion. I did not expect to leave heavily inspired to share this speech with every voice talent, who forgot that they are artists. The opening speech by department chair, Dr.Felicia Ruff, […]

Trend: What Would You Call Yourself?

October 22, 2010 by


This week, I had a chance to listen to Arianna Huffington of the famed Huffington Post at a NYC Symposium in New York City, held by Citrix. One thing she stated struck a chord, as a guy working from home often: “I don’t like the term ‘Remote Employee’. There needs to be a name for […]

Community: Talent Pool Resources To Get The Job Done!

October 21, 2010 by


Today, I received a wonderful email from a Voice123 Coach Partner, David Zema, based out of New York City. Yesterday, he wrote customer service stating a talent he coaches had been booked for a job off her demo on her profile, but she was in Memphis, Tennessee. Please see how a community of voice talent […]

Usage Tip: You Must Come To This Webinar

October 20, 2010 by


I can offer no more direct advice than this for Voice123 talent: You must come to this Voice123 Webinar I do on the fourth Thursday of each month, in which I show voice talent of all experience levels, how to adapt their talent to Voice123. The word ‘audition’ does not mean all websites are the […]