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Voice123 is holding a webinar on ‘Working in Voiceovers Online! Voice123 and Online Street Smarts!’, tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

This is the registration link.

We can be no more direct than this:

  • If you want to audition on Voice123, and get behind the mic each time with a fearless and creative mindset, you have to know what the business-side of the online industry expects, from the online perspective.

This webinar will be perfect for any voice talent, regardless of their experience.

It is two hours of free information that you may spend years trying to discover through trial and error; all about getting you back to basics of being a voice talent, and doing so, online.

These are done once a month, but this is the busiest time of year!

We consider this a ‘usage tip’ because Voice123 has been doing free system webinars for the past three years, and we do not see enough voice talent taking advantage!

Don’t miss out! It is two hours of your time to solve months of frustration you may be having!

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