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Fear not!
These are not used! Where ‘demo tagging’ stands today at Voice123; it is a powerful informational tool to see if ‘what you think’ matches ‘what they think…the anonymous talent community’. Note: It has absolutely NOTHING to do with SmartCast.

You see…A couple of years ago, Voice123 set up something called ‘demo tagging’, which you can find in your Voice123 profile. The process includes listening to demos anonymously, and then tagging it with a ‘description’. After, a voice talent would be emailed that they were tagged. If he/she wanted to, they could delete it.

Why it helps to know!
Knowing if your ‘brand’ is ‘on the pulse’ takes place when strangers hear your voice, and you find many agree with you on how it should be marketed. It is also called ‘knowing your type.’ It means you and the buyer are on the same page before you even make contact. Some people spend years and thousands of dollars to find out. This result is pure on Voice123, because no one knows who is tagging who. You get straight opinions from the entire Voice123 community. Myself, I was tagged, ‘boy next door’ and ‘conversational’, which made me smile because that has always been my A-game. I also, like I said, do not know who did it.

So, this week, I felt it would be interesting to find out what demo tags voice talent have deleted. Before looking at the chart, keep in mind we have had over 30,000 demo tags on Voice123, out of which only 1315 were deleted by voice talent. It is great to see a voice over talent community help each other this way!

Tag and Amount of Times Deleted:

  1. Nope – 78
  2. Great – 57
  3. poor – 54
  4. NPR – 51
  5. wannabe – 51
  6. blah – 41
  7. bland – 32
  8. bad – 29
  9. muffled – 28
  10. loud – 21

Conclusions to draw from this:
This is a free, educational resource at your fingertips! Given that opinions and trends drive websites, it helps to know how other colleagues describe your voice!

Thanks so much!
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