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In my position, I talk to a voice over talent community from around the world. Today I spoke with people from Egypt, England, Canada, Germany, Colombia, South Africa, the U.S., Thailand, Japan, and China. I hear things from different cultures that I never could have learned by reading books.

I often wonder, ‘What country has a culture that leads them to be happier than other cultures’?

Voice talent work on a global schedule. It is a career that requires almost a surreal business schedule of ‘Anytime, anywhere, name it’. In fact, those at Voice123 do the same! You are reading this on September 10th, but I wrote this at 9pm last Friday night before Labor Day Weekend, because we were open, and love the industry. Labor Day is a holiday in my culture, but other countries may not know this. Most people I know left for vacation hours ago. Yet, I often wonder why we are the last to leave the office, work longer, we are happier, while those who live scheduled, structured lives work less hours and complain more. Personally, I do not like to see people unhappy. So…I searched for the happiest country.

In my search for the ‘Happiest Country’, I came across several different surveys, all with very different results. Most were geared towards building tourism, but there were two that appeared to be removed of selling plane tickets: used a ‘life evaluation score’.

Huffingtonpost displays a study done based on positive and negative emotions.

Interesting point…Denmark:
Denmark is repeatedly in the top 3 of all surveys researched as being the ‘Happiest Country’ in the world. Yet, did you notice this fact?

  • “Denmark is a Nordic welfare state with most of its services free to the citizens. Denmark has the worlds’ highest taxes. When buying a car for $20 000, you have to pay an additional $45 000 as taxes for the government (total of $65 000). That’s why people in Denmark ride bikes or use one of the best public transport systems in the world.”

Now, that statement, would make many I know unhappy, so I guess it boils down to, ‘Happiness’ is a choice determined by the individual, and how you decide to deal with things in life that do not satisfy you!

Keep smiling!

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