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Sorry Jim…It’s Not The End, My Friend:
The voice over industry has gone through some changes in the past seven years, and it has been new for those finding voice talent online. Where some see the Internet as ‘the end’, websites like Voice123 are truly a ‘means to an end’. We have watched Voice123 grow, and 2009 to 2010 were two of our strongest years thanks to those seeking voice talent online.

This is a chart of our project growth from 2009 and 2010:

Why has it grown? Logically speaking…

We take this quote from’s article: ‘A Clouded Future’:

“Technology is driving the trend. Over the past few years a host of fast-growing firms…have begun to take advantage of “the cloud”—tech-speak for the combination of ubiquitous fast internet connections and cheap, plentiful web-based computing power—to deliver sophisticated software that makes it easier to monitor and manage remote workers.”

Possible rebel activity? Emotionally speaking…

We quote the same article:

“Although numerous online exchanges still act primarily as brokers between employers in rich countries and workers in poorer ones, the number of rich-world freelancers is growing. Gary Swart, the boss of a (freelancing site), says the number of freelancers registered with (his freelancing site) in America has risen from 28,000 at the end of 2008 to 247,000 at the end of April.

That may, in part, be a reflection of American bosses’ ruthless cuts in full-time jobs, forcing those laid off to scramble for whatever work they can find. But it is also a sign of another notable trend: the range of work available is growing to encompass more complex and better-paid tasks.”

For years, there was a belief Voice123’s activity would drive the market down for the voice over industry, where in fact all it has done is remove middlemen-intervention and given buyers and sellers efficient tools to communicate and work more often with each other, directly and quickly.

In closing, we need to share a quick thanks for being loyal members of Voice123, and hope we can help you in the voice over industry for years to come!

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