"Voice123 Community: More Good Toy Story News!"

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The ‘Toy Story 3’ Connection!
We were very excited to report back in June, the news about Spanish Buzz being booked on Voice123, and even more excited to share the interview with him that he filmed with us!

After sharing this news, we received an email from voice talent Dan Nachtrab, that he had also booked a voice over job in relation to the same movie, which you can hear on the end of this video (around 2:08)!

When there are times you believe working online is submitting into thin air, remember that the voice over community of voice talent is actually quite connected, news spreads fast, and Voice123 is always happy to promote the success of a voice talent using this website. It really is a small world!

We want to thank Dan for sharing this news with us, and wish you much success with your voice over auditions this upcoming week!

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