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‘Game shape’:
After meeting several Voice123 talent at Mary Lynn Wissner’s voice over workshop last week. Her workshop reminded me that originality is priceless when reading copy, and that has never changed about the voice over industry. After a full week of work, taking a full Saturday to attend a workshop, meeting people, and going over skills needed for the voice over industry, I rested all day Sunday knowing I was ready to take on the week ahead of me with renewed life.

I see workshops get talent back in game shape by giving them confidence in their creative energy. It is important for every artist, who is stuck in one ‘momentum’, to break out of it to absorb new ideas, and get an ‘outside looking in’ perspective. Simply put, how can you ‘create’ original work, if your mind is too focused on ‘Is this right or not?’.

Upcoming Online Voice123 Training!
Last June, I held an online webinar that went over really well, still do another free Voice123 training every week, and I will be doing another nightly one in August! Please keep your eyes peeled! It is 90-minutes of free info that you will not hear anywhere else!

Attend Voice123 Meetups:
Meet others in the voice industry for free and discuss the best industry in the world! Hear what others do, network, and learn from each other, and use this page to organize the Meetup!

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