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‘What’s up!’
In an effort to get insight into ways in which we can help the Voice123 Community as a whole, we will begin sending out random surveys on topics that we see relevant to the voice over industry. We hope you will fill out these surveys because your voice does matter to us! Of course, all opinions are kept confidential!

First up, this is a general survey asking the basic questions, ‘How’s it going?’. We appreciate that you take the time to answer such surveys because they truly do help the voice over industry!

Please fill out this survey!

‘Voice123 Talent in San Diego, California Meetup!’
Looking at this Meetup page, we noticed some Voice123 talent attending, who have years of experience with the site, and also coach as well! If you are in the area tonight, this should be good! Thanks to Vicky Jans and Connie Terwilliger for attending as well!

‘Fort Meyers Meetup!’
Last week in Fort Meyers, Florida, voice talent Stevan Speheger held a Voice123 Meetup, and was kind enough to share a photo you can see here!

If you have been wondering what these ‘Voice123 Meetups’ actually are, and what they do for voice talent, we would like to share a testimonial from Stevan:

“These meet-ups are a great idea…The fellowship and support can really help out when you feel like the Lone Ranger through dealing with your passion only on the Internet.”

Thank you always!

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