Voice123 Tech Tip for Job Posting: ‘Details Rule!’

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If you have ever posted a job, and found it received a small response, sometimes the best thing to do is take a look at the project description and the script. SmartCast matching determines ‘who gets invited by certain boxes checked off’, but beyond this, even in private jobs posted, written text is giving insight into the scope of the project. The anonymous environment online creates a need for transparency, and the budget does not always indicate ‘value’ of a job because working online is about ‘creating working relationships for the present and future’. Here are some ideas to consider when you post a project on Voice123 to get the very best auditions possible:

Transparency :
The more you explain, the better. Full explanations give confidence, even when the budget is lower, that you are someone who will be upfront and detailed, giving more confidence that you will be a pleasure to work with. This removes any doubt as to whether or not the project will be a good idea to invest time in. Such project descriptions, “Need sweet voice”, are ineffective because they are missing details:

  • What is the product?
  • What is the company?
  • Other requirements and logistics of your project that may tell someone: ‘I shouldn’t waste this person’s time’.

Voice talent gauge from these details, whether or not the job poster has any accountability for the project being posted. From experience in customer service, we have seen, ‘More details = more auditions received’.

‘Interface Tools Build Relationships!’:
So! You found the voice talent! Did you know that voice talent will connect with you more often when you use Voice123’s system tools such as the ranking system, and preferred voice tool in your audition inbox? In addition, voice talent know from project details:

  • How much a job poster listens.
  • How many a job poster directly invites for jobs
  • How long he/she has been using Voice123.

Job posters using Voice123 and its system tools, longer, tend to receive more responses than others because there is a trust you will return to post jobs. Who doesn’t love repeat business?!

The Voice123 SmartCast software and the Voice123 search feature are great tools for finding voice talent. You can try posting a project here, and use the search feature to directly invite voice talent.

Of course, if you ever have any questions, let our customer service team know! By the way…we work weekends! 🙂

Thank you always!

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