"On Living With a Voice Actor"

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This article was shared with me last week by an amazing voice talent on Voice123, Adam Behr, a world-recognized voice talent, both online and offline.

“Living with a voice actor is a privilege few people can profess to have experienced. It is a life like no other – a constantly changing whirlwind of auditory dreams and fantasies, occasionally peppered with startling aural hallucinations…A voice actor is a montage of characters, some known, some not yet known. A voice actor’s home is a non-stop, live-action theatre, and one never knows what or who lurks behind the studio door. I live with a voice actor, and though my life has been far richer for it, it is not a life for the average soul. The man behind the VOICE….”

We hope you will read this article in full right here, and Voice123 thanks Adam for the sneak peek into his life, written by Di Russell. We felt this is a great voice talent to read about because of his expansive and successful arsenal of voices.

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