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This past week, due to an upcoming change in our phone system, I had the opportunity to post a voice over job on Voice123, which you can see here. The project closed on Wednesday, and I thought it would be helpful to share feedback about what went through the mind of this voice seeker (me) and my perspective. I believe this will assist all those who use Voice123. Knowing ‘what takes place’ is extremely important with any business to show you are aware of the needs of a market.

The first thing I need to do is to thank all of those who submitted. The submissions were all great! Maybe I felt there was 1 out of the 30 that I wanted to reach out to, and recommend that I heard an accent, or slight audio hiss, but this left me wondering:

Is it my place to offer advice because I posted the project?

Why? A democratic creative process is always difficult because everyone will like someone different, if they feel they like a voice for a specific reason. This reason cannot always be explained because a creative process involves ’emotion’. Explaining emotions such as, ‘Sorry, you sounded too much like my mom’, really do not help, nor do non-creative types always know how to explain what they feel. In this project, the internal debate seemed to always start off with, ‘I REALLY think this is the right person because…’ and it went on and on, each person trying to push for their choice. We all heard that each of these voice talent are professional enough to be the voice of this company’s customer service line, which made a decision tougher.

I understand how many would love feedback, and I thought I could give it back to talent. How exactly can I explain to someone we want to use, that we could not, and then explain all the random thoughts that went on in the debating? With so many colorful thoughts, all you end up with is a gray area. I did directly invite two people; one did not answer. That really is ok. It made things easier. I do think for the purposes of networking online, I would have replied with a, ‘No thanks! I am busy working on another project currently’, if not interested. However, it is always wasted energy to take anything personal when working online. Being exposed to thousands of opinions each day in a global environment of varying cultures will wear you out, if you allow it.

So… how was a decision reached?

With almost every voice audition being perfect, ‘hiring’ becomes ‘solving a puzzle’. I have been in situations offline, where I asked a manager for feedback on an audition I did not book. The casting director said I was perfect at the audition, but it turned out… ‘my voice was perfect, but someone else was a better fit’. Go figure. Getting feedback in voice coaching and classes, always worked better because I had that safety net that allowed me to fail miserably, with only a supportive class that would see it.

We sincerely appreciate the professionalism of the auditions received this week, and that sign of respect, to take our job posting seriously, has us very proud of the professionalism of all Voice123 voice over talent.

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