Do You Know What Happens Every Thursday at Voice123?

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Every Thursday, Voice123 offers a product demo/training on how to use Voice123! During this 60-90 minutes session, Voice123 staff explains the following:

  • The exact details of how SmartCast and Voice123 works.
  • Tips on filling out profiles and <a href="
    “>marketing tools Voice123 offers.
  • Tips on what it takes to do voice over auditioning online.
  • A view into the voice seeker interface, and what they think when they listen.
  • Insight into ‘online street-smarts’, and the mindset of those working online.
  • Q & A for as long as needed!

We offer this to help you increase your bookings on Voice123, and to use the site completely knowledgeable of how to take advantage of what Voice123 offers. This way, your main focus when using this site is ‘applying your talent’, and not worrying about the ‘how and why’ behind everything you see.

This session is offered by myself, and it is one of my favorite times of the week because I get to directly give back great advice to Voice123 voice talent. It does go longer than 60-minutes sometimes, but it is worth it.

It is something many on Voice123 who have attended currently benefit from, and we hope you can find time to attend in the future! More info here!

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