Oops! Did I Just Market My Voice Over Business, Accidentally?

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A powerful tool in working in the online voice over industry is to generate positive web content surrounding you and your business; mainly ‘being chatty’ about the success you are having, or positive opinions you have about what you are doing.

It truly is no secret that when you are talking about yourself, or another online business, you are in effect, marketing yourself.

Voice123 is no stranger to it. In fact, you can find us at:

Did we just market ourselves by simply adding those links, and hoping you will subscribe or follow, and then comment yourself? Yes! Of course, and there is nothing wrong with it!

However, keep in mind for yourself, that with this new social age of marketing and networking online for free, there exists great responsibility to exercise:

Avoid marketing yourself by ‘being chatty’ relentlessly about negative topics. Accidental marketing has a sort of ‘instant karma’ that will get you, if you use powerful and free networking tools in a negative manner. The intelligent people at Google, who now have added ‘tweets’ as part of search engine results, know the difference between when a business is trying to trick a search engine, or use it to benefit their business. Any form of ‘blackhat practice’ leads to negative results for your business.

Your generated public content becomes your brand, and your image into ‘who someone will be working with’. Appearing as a friendly, down-to-earth, ‘mom ‘n pop’ store through generated web content will do more good for you in an anonymous environment that simply demands transparency. Take this working example:

This is my profile. Now, if I tweet to tell you how proud I am of what I have achieved, it generates more of a positive buzz than tweeting, ‘Look at how I am a professional.’

How was that first tweet different from the next? Only you will know, but I just accidentally marketed myself and my positive business opinions with this blog! :p

Be positive always! Your positive content will always work for you, even when you are not thinking about it!

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