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Voice123 has always complied with Better Business Bureau best practices, and guidelines. It was only a matter of time… This past week Voice123 LLC was approved for Better Business Bureau Accreditation with an ‘A’ rating! Over the past couple of years, Voice123 has taken steps to ensure quality assurance, and a positive, harmonious voice over community for the online industry!

Voice123 LLC also understands the need for transparency and networking in an online marketplace, so in the past, we have not had staff changes in order for you to get to know the people who help you with customer service each day. This week, we wanted to announce that two of our talents’ customer service team have departed from Voice123, and you may know them already; Julian and Mike. We wish them the best of luck! Mike had specifically asked me if he could write something to everyone:

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Voice123 Community for having me during this past two years. I have learned and grown from my experiences with all of you. For the coming year, I am taking a scholarship opportunity on Innovation and Technology in Germany with the intention of working further with the online voice over community.

Working with all of you has been a fantastic opportunity for me. Getting to interact directly with so many people has been challenging as well as educational. This industry is certainly a great one to work in and I do wish my future growth will include working closer with all of you again. I wish you all the very best!

~By Mike Gomez

At the same time, two new Customer Support Specialists join today the talents’ support team: Charlie and JP! They worked with us a few years ago, and they just couldn’t live without you. Welcome back!

Thank you Voice123 community!

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