Voice Over Tips for Reducing ‘Online Friction’

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‘Online friction’ is a term used to refer to unexpected problems that occur during a business transaction, while working online. What we offer this week to those who post voice over jobs, are some tips on how to reduce online friction while using Voice123 to find voice talent.

We would like to go through the project form, and help you achieve a better response for your next project!

Project description: State what you ‘want’ and leave out ‘what you do not want’. Stating, ‘we do not need an announcer’ does not actually indicate what one wants to hear, although it gives a clue. Being descriptive about the project, adding pronunciations, adding directions, and yes, even spelling and grammar will assist you in getting a positive response.

Script: Using a sample of the ‘meat’ of the script leads to less confusion as to what to audition with, rather than adding the entire script. Also give direction as to what should be read, if necessary.

Parameters of a SmartCast project: If you use the automated system, make sure each parameter is filled out. Voice talent on Voice123 offer varieties of production skill sets. The more detailed, the better our system matches talent to your needs.

If you are one who likes to directly hire talent, our search feature is more helpful, especially when hiring those talent who offer a rare language seen on Voice123, such as Chinese-Mandarin. Take a look here.

Payment methods: Be upfront with ‘how you will pay’ and you save yourself some friction. Not everyone uses Paypal, and the last thing you want to find out after hiring someone is that they cannot accept your method of payment because of where someone lives.

Listening to demos helps create response: Every project details screen displays a job posters listening behavior for the last six months. Typically, voice talent are less likely to audition when they fear they will not be heard.

Messaging system usage: Always remember to use a link provided in an email to respond to a message, not the reply button. Using the reply button kicks the message back to our system, and sends you a message letting you know it happened.

Ranking system usage: If you post jobs often, or for the first time, leaving rankings helps you reconnect with voice talent you enjoy each time you post a project! You can also use the Preferred Talent feature to ensure you hear from them again, while creating a personalized search list of favorites for yourself. It also helps you communicate to clients, decisions that you have made.

Of course, in all of this, Voice123 understands we must always improve our interface to make for smoother transactions. We know Voice123 is important for building voice over business relationships online, and we would like to make that as simple as possible for everyone.

If you have any feedback you wish to offer us, let us know!

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